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Livermore Chiropractor Dr. Kurt Alexander

“Finally after years of pills, pills and more pills from the doctor for my frequent bouts of severe neck pain and headaches, a friend explained to me that drugs often simply mask and hide the true underlying problem,” relates Dr. Alexander

Livermore, CA Chiropractor, Dr. Kurt Alexander with his family

Livermore, CA Chiropractor, Dr. Kurt Alexander with his family

He continues, “A water skiing accident I suffered when I was young resulted in these unrelenting migraines, severe neck pain, and pain and numbness in my arm. After a few years of pain medication and a doctor suggesting surgery, I was recommended by a friend to see an intern at the chiropractic school. He took x-rays and showed me that there was some abnormal forward positioning of the bones in my neck causing some nerves to be pressured. He explained that this abnormal positioning of the neck vertebrae often causes headaches, and that the particular nerves being pressured travel from the neck all the way down the arm, therefore causing the neck and arm pain and numbness I had been experiencing. WOW! What a moment of enlightening.

After my first neck adjustment I could hardly believe how good I felt, and after about three weeks my migraines and most of my neck and arm symptoms completely disappeared. The effect was not only a drastic improvement in my quality of life, but also a profound change upon the way I understood medicine, healing, and the overall health and functioning of the body. I remember thinking, ‘what an incredible way to help others and relieve needless suffering!'”

A Chiropractic Education

Eight years of pre-chiropractic and chiropractic education did not come easy to me, however I will always be thankful for the wonderful education I received, and for my decision to attend Life Chiropractic College-West in the Bay Area. I was truly the beneficiary of a phenomenal education, particularly in the areas of science and chiropractic technique.

Amazing Experiences

I’ll never forget my first experience 20 years ago with a man that had suffered migraines almost daily for 15 years. Such prolonged pain had caused him to be quite an irritable and depressed person. After the first few adjustments, the migraines subsiding, he began to come in smiling and joking. Then one day, his countenance now bright and enthusiastic, he said something that forever changed me and continues to motivate me as it echos through each day in the changing countenances of other patients. He pulled my face close to his so I could look into his eyes, and with tears he said, “I never really knew what it was to feel good; you changed my life”.

On a Personal Note

My wife, Kathy and I have been married for 27 years. She is a Registered Nurse and the most wonderful wife and mother in the world (if she wasn’t so wonderful she’d kill me for putting that in here). We have been blessed with six children who continue to bring great joy to our lives. Our oldest daughter, Stephanie is married and has a little boy which makes me “Grandpa Alexander”. In July of 2002 I began a sabbatical from practice when I was asked to oversee the missionary work of over 500 missionaries in Northern Mexico. Our family moved to Torreon Mexico and lived there for three years. We returned to Livermore in August of 2005. We are glad to be home, however we will never forget the wonderful experience we had among the Mexican people. We continue to stay active in religious and community activities and service where ever needed.

A healthy balanced diet, plenty of water, regular exercise, wholesome recreation, and strengthening family with an emphasis on nourishing the spirit are characteristics of the Alexander family’s daily life habits. One other habit we have is that we set apart Monday Night as “Family Night” where we regularly enjoy a fun and/or learning and/or service activity together. We have found great happiness and reward in these habits and activities throughout the years.

Enough about me! How can we help you with today’s safe and natural chiropractic care? Give us a call so we can help you take your first step towards better health.”

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