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Functional Medicine in Livermore

woman with arms out smiling on top of mountain with sunsetHave you been struggling with unresolved health issues that have either been difficult to diagnose or completely unresolved with Western medicine? Perhaps you don’t like the idea of having to rely on certain medications for a lifetime. If so, maybe it’s time for a different approach with functional medicine.

The Traditional Medical Model

Functional medicine differs from traditional medicine because it is a system-based approach vs. a symptom-based one. Functional medicine addresses chronic disease by supporting a healthy gut, balancing hormones, giving the body the nutrition it needs through a proper diet and supplementation when appropriate, and removing toxins.
With functional medicine, we’ll support the body so that it can heal itself from the inside out.

Functional medicine is ideal for people who aren’t looking for a quick fix, they want to change their lifestyle and get to the root cause of the problem, and they’re willing to pay the extra cost to fix their health instead of merely managing their sickness.

Dr. Alexander

Who Can Benefit?

Anyone with health issues that haven’t been resolved through traditional medicine can benefit from functional medicine. Here are some common conditions that we see: hormonal issues that affect mood, sleep and energy; gut issues like IBS; poor immune function; and brain fog or concentration difficulties.

What to Expect

Please note that due to the pandemic, all consultations and visits will be done virtually, either over the phone or on a Zoom call.

Complimentary Consultation

To get started, please contact our practice to schedule a free 15-minute consultation. We’ll let you know what functional medicine is, our approach and the costs. If we determine you’re a good fit, we’ll give you an extensive packet of information that you can complete electronically on our website.

Once Dr. Alexander receives your information, please allow a few days for him to review it, and then he’ll have you schedule an initial consultation, which takes about an hour.

Dr. Alexander will go through the most extensive medical history you’ll ever have. He will clarify and dig deeper into your history and symptoms to help identify the root cause of your problem.. There is a $399 fee for this initial consultation.

You’ll also have a 30-minute follow-up report of findings consultation, during which Dr. Alexander will discuss the possible causes of your condition. He’ll also give recommendations for the following: dietary plan (what to add and remove); how, when and what to eat; and basic supplements to take. There is no additional charge for this consultation.

Functional medicine with Dr. Alexander differs from care at a medical doctor’s office. We not only provide a care plan for you, but also coach you through it. “An MD may recommend you eat better and exercise, but they’re not crafting a personalized plan for you, and not following up with you and doing weekly consults,” said Dr. Alexander.

In addition to diet and supplement recommendations, Dr. Alexander will recommend different labs based on your history and symptoms:
· The DUTCH hormone test
· A stool test for gut health
· An extensive blood lab test (this is the only test you’ll have to get outside our clinic)
· An organic acid test that checks for different metabolized neurotransmitters in the brain.

When the results for those tests come back in, he will review those with you and make any adjustments to your diet, lifestyle habits and supplements you are on. Depending on the lab findings, Dr. Alexander will likely add some other supplements for you to take.

Usually Dr. Alexander will do the labs in stages and start with balancing your hormones first. Then he’ll move to the gut, followed by the blood lab test and then the brain chemistry test. Dr. Alexander will also sometimes do random tests, such as a mold kit, if he susoects your house has a mold problem that’s contributing to your health problems.


How long will my functional medicine program take?

Typically, programs last between 3-12 months. For the first month, follow-up consults usually are done once a week, and then once a month after that until the program has finished. During some of those visits you will see Cammie, our nutritionist.

The cost for each follow-up consultation is $50 for each 15 minutes needed. On days when labs are reviewed, the consults are usually longer at about 30 minutes.

How are the lab tests done and how much do they cost?

All the tests, except for the blood lab test, are done at home. The hormone test uses saliva and urine. The organic acid test is a saliva test, and the stool test of course requires a stool sample. Between 1-4 specialty lab tests may be needed. Lab tests can range between $100-$500.

Are the tests covered by insurance?

Sometimes they are, but it depends on your provider. You will need to pay Dr. Alexander upfront, and he will provide you with a superbill that includes all the codes you need to present to your insurance company.

How long will I need to take the supplements you recommend?

Typically, you will just need to be on them for a period of time to try to kick-start a certain pathway in your body so it will do what it’s supposed to do.

Take That First Step

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