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Meet Dr. Arnott Adler

Dr Adler“What I most love about being a chiropractor is all of the genuine connections that I get to make with my patients.” When you receive chiropractic care with Dr. Adler, you will always be attentively heard, have your health goals prioritized, and be encouraged throughout your healing process. He values the importance of fostering unique relationships with his patients by creating trust and focusing on good communication on route to helping his patients achieve their goals.

His Passion for Health

Dr. Adler’s love for following and playing sports grew from a young age. He would be the first out to play the sport of the day in school and it was there that he first developed his “team first” mentality. He committed himself to a strict weight lifting regiment in his later years of high school that flourished into a way of life through his early adult years.


He graduated from California State University, Chico with his bachelor’s in exercise physiology and nutrition. Shortly after graduating college, he became an office manager at a local Chiropractic office. Paired with the right mentorship, the fundamentals of Chiropractic resounded with him. He discovered the avenue for which he would take his career.

His Professional Focus

Dr. Adler earned his Doctorate from Life Chiropractic College West in 2015. There, he immersed himself in learning multiple techniques to help the spine as well as all extremities because he knew that his future patients would present many different challenges and everyone required a unique approach. He loves helping expectant mothers throughout their pregnancy as well as eliminating many headache related issues for others. He became an expert in identifying misalignments in the spine, correcting them, and helping to retrain the body to perform as it was intended. To date and counting, he has helped thousands of patients and performed even more spinal adjustments. He has an integrated approach on how to help people heal and helps patients make the connection between how their body is and the choices and actions that affect it. He enjoys learning new techniques and further mastering his craft and is actively part of a mentorship group that strives for higher professional standards.

Forging Connections with Compassion

Genuine and compassionate, Dr. Adler takes the time to get to know patients. “I make sure I listen to them and meet them where they are on path to us trying to get them where we want them to be.”

During the first appointment, in particular, Dr. Adler tries to make sure that in that first visit, patients trust him and that a strong connection is made. “I think a lot of times, especially with chiropractic, there’s some skepticism. So I try to let patients know that I genuinely care about them and am here to help them.”

He also likes to try to make patients laugh and help them enjoy their visits. “I want them to feel like we’re friends.”
Through his years in practice, Dr. Adler believes that his approach has evolved for the better and that what you put your energy to grows.

Outside the Practice

When he’s not caring for patients, Dr. Adler spends most of his time with his wife and their daughter, Poppy. His hobbies include taking care of his saltwater aquarium, lifting weights, painting with acrylics, and discovering other hobbies that he has yet to explore. He also enjoys watching and playing sports; golf in particular is a huge passion of his.

Dr. Adler’s parents always valued education. His father is a very successful businessman in Mexico City. His mother put Dr. Adler in private school up until eighth grade. “She’s very proud of me for becoming a chiropractor, and she also takes a holistic approach to health.”

Growing up in a household with hispanic grandparents, Dr. Adler learned how to fluently speak Spanish and is very thankful to be bilingual.

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