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Meet Dr. Eric Westover

Dr. Eric WestoverDiscovering Chiropractic

Our clinic director and chiropractor, Dr. Westover began suffering with debilitating migraines at age 7 and suffered for years with no relief. He had a migraine at least once a week, every week. His pediatrician said he’d grow out of them, but he didn’t. He was taking a high dose of ibuprofen, and the doctor was hesitant to try stronger drugs because of his age. Changing his diet didn’t help, and after seven years, Dr. Westover was desperate.

He had just started high school, and a new friend suggested he try chiropractic. Dr. Westover did not know what that was, but he begged his parents to take him. The chiropractor explained about the alignment of the bones in the neck, and how they could cause his migraines.

After Dr. Westover’s first adjustment, he went a full week without a migraine. Within a few weeks of care, he stopped having migraines completely.


As an undergrad at BYU—Idaho, Dr. Westover studied business management, but he didn’t know what career path to take. He didn’t want to sit at a desk, and he wanted to work with people, be able to move around all day and use his hands to help others. He realized that chiropractic fit the bill precisely, so he enrolled at Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, California, graduating with his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2012.

Offering Family Care

Dr. Westover wants to help other families avoid the struggles that he had as a kid. He is passionate about helping people of all ages stay active and healthy without relying on medications.

His goal is to help people regain their quality of life and stay active. He likens chiropractic care to a landscaping project: results aren’t immediate, but with time, it’ll be amazing.

Away from the Office

Dr. Westover has been married to his wife since 2006, and they have five kids—a son, girl/boy twins, and twin girls—who keep them very busy with sports and other activities.

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