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Low Back Pain Relief

female runner low back painWhether due to repeated heavy lifting or a sudden awkward movement, low back pain is prevalent and one of the top reasons why people seek chiropractic care. The most common locations where the pain originates from in the low back are the L5 disc, facet joints, and sacroiliac joints.

What Are Some Causes?

Weakened Core

A weakened core is a leading cause of low back pain. Its strengthening not only aids in rehabilitating affected joints but acts as a preventive measure against further injury.

Uneven Pelvis

Another recurrent trigger for low back pain is an uneven pelvis, often manifesting as an apparent leg length discrepancy. This imbalance disrupts walking patterns and leads to abnormal joint wear, resulting in persistent pain. Introducing a heel lift can correct this discrepancy, providing relief and restoring balance to the body.


Also known as swayback, hyperlordosis significantly contributes to low back pain. Characterized by an exaggerated lower back curve, this condition often stems from factors such as pregnancy or prolonged sitting. Pregnant women are affected by hormonal changes and increased front-loaded weight. Desk-bound professionals who get tightness in the psoas muscle and quads are also at risk.

Diagnosing Low Back Pain

To pinpoint the root cause of low back pain, we take a multifaceted diagnostic approach at Alexander Chiropractic and Wellness:

  • Functional Movements: Assessing squatting, twisting, and other movements to evaluate the impact of pain on range of motion and balance.
  • Gait Analysis: Observing walking patterns to identify abnormalities contributing to the pain.
  • Shoes and Foot Posture: Examining footwear for signs of imbalance, such as uneven wear or a foot flaring to one side.
  • Point of Pain: Directing patients to pinpoint the exact location of pain aids in accurate diagnosis.
  • Orthopedic Tests: Conducting specific tests efficiently unveils the root cause, streamlining the diagnostic process.

Treatment Strategies

Chiropractic Adjustments

woman getting low back adjustedWe offer a variety of chiropractic techniques tailored to cater to specific needs and comfort levels.

One such method is the traditional Diversified manual adjustments. Here, we apply gentle force to realign the spine, ensuring that the right amount of pressure is exerted for each patient. This makes the treatment comfortable and effective.

However, we recognize that some patients may have concerns about this method. We offer alternative techniques for those who dislike hearing the “popping” sound during manual adjustments.

We offer the Drop Table Technique for those who prefer a gentler approach. This involves no twisting or popping, making it a lighter and less intimidating option for many patients.

We also use the ArthroStim adjusting instrument, designed with a rubber tip that gently taps the joints back into alignment. This device offers another non-invasive and comfortable option for spinal adjustments.

All these chiropractic techniques aim to align and mobilize the joints. This corrects subluxations—situations where a joint is either stuck or misaligned. By correcting these, we can help alleviate pain and improve overall function.

Core Strengthening Exercises

We also prescribe various exercises specifically designed to strengthen your core muscles. Unlike the neck, which focuses more on stretching and maintaining good posture, the lower back requires strength to support your spine through various movements. A strong lower back helps you keep upright and protects your spine.

Flexion-Distraction Technique

In addition to adjustments and exercises, we also use the Flexion-Distraction method. This technique involves a unique table that moves up and down and sometimes side to side while lying on it. This movement helps stretch out the muscles, ligaments, and joints in your back, relieving pain. Patients often find this technique incredibly soothing and effective in alleviating their lower back discomfort.

Home Exercises and Recommendations

As part of our treatment plan, we send patients home with exercises and recommendations tailored to their conditions. Education is crucial to recovery, so we walk our patients through each exercise or stretch they need to perform at home. We also provide advice on activities they should avoid to prevent further injury.

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