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Mid Back Pain Relief

young man on couch with back painMid back pain can be a persistent and uncomfortable condition, often arising from various factors. Instead of providing a bandage solution by masking pain, we address the root causes and potential complications, which is crucial in developing an effective treatment plan.

What Are the Common Causes?

Postural Factors and Neck Involvement

One of the primary contributors to mid back pain is poor posture, with the neck being a significant instigator. People who maintain an improper posture for extended periods (e.g. hunched over a workstation) may experience discomfort in the mid back region. Identifying and correcting postural issues is an essential aspect of addressing this type of pain.

Rib Involvement and Rotational Movements

The mid back is intricately connected to the ribs, and activities involving frequent rotational movements can contribute to pain. Athletes like golfers and tennis players engage in repetitive twisting motions and are particularly susceptible. Understanding and addressing the impact of these movements on the ribs is essential for effective pain management.

Rib Issues and Frontal Pain

Not only do rib-related problems contribute to mid back pain, but they can also cause discomfort in the front, specifically in the sternum area. Proper examination, including X-rays, is crucial in identifying the source of the pain and developing a tailored treatment plan.

Scoliosis as a Significant Factor

Scoliosis, a condition characterized by an abnormal spine curvature, can manifest in the mid back. Early detection, especially during preteen years, allows for effective intervention. However, once skeletal maturity is reached, correcting scoliosis becomes more challenging. Regular check-ups are recommended for young individuals to monitor spinal alignment.

woman mid back adjustment

Chiropractic Intervention and Treatment Duration

Chiropractic care offers a practical, holistic approach to mid back pain. A comprehensive examination, including X-rays, guides the development of every patient’s treatment plan. During the report of findings we give options for treatment.

Duration and Severity of the Condition

Patients often wonder how long it will take to see improvement. The duration and severity of mid back pain help determine the treatment timeline. Chronic conditions may require a more extended period for resolution. Additionally, the age of the patient and any pre-existing damage, whether from injury or genetic factors, can influence the healing process.

When Additional Support Is Needed

Our chiropractors emphasize natural healing but recognize the need for pain management in some instances. While chiropractic care often yields positive results, some conditions may require additional support. Patients are educated about options, and the goal is to enhance overall well-being and comfort.

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