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Meet Dr. Simon Kuang

dr-simon-kuangDr. Simon Kuang is a board-certified chiropractic physician and Active Release Therapy practitioner. After graduating with Cum Laude honors from SCUHS in 2012, he opened up a practice in southern California. He dedicated his life to it, turning it into a successful, 5-star rated practice on every social review platform. He had every intention of spending the rest of his career there, but life had other plans for him. He had met the love of his life, decided to sell his clinic, and moved to Pleasanton to start the rest of his life with her.

Aside from his professional and academic achievements, he has also competed in the sport of Olympic weightlifting for 8 years and mentored numerous world level athletes as an Olympic weightlifting coach. He has taken what he’s learned from school and combined it with his experience as an athlete to help his patients feel better and dramatically decrease their chances of future injuries.


On a personal note, he is a husband to his loving wife, a father to a daughter whose smile would make anyone’s heart melt, and he loves spending his rainy days cuddling with his chocolate Labrador Retriever.


Dr. Simon Kuang | Alexander Chiropractic and Wellness