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Dr. Joseph Strauss and Holistic Chiropractic Philosophy

hands grasping sunChiropractic care is a method of healing that originated in the late 19th century. Since then, many chiropractors have emerged with their unique approach towards healing and well-being. Dr. Joseph Strauss was a renowned chiropractor who followed a holistic approach towards chiropractic care. He believed that only by considering the body as a whole, a chiropractor can truly connect with patients and help them with their chiropractic needs.

The Body As an Integrated System

Dr. Joseph Strauss’ chiropractic philosophy is based on the belief that the body is an integrated system, and every aspect of an individual’s life, including their physical, emotional, and mental state, can affect their health. According to Dr. Strauss, chiropractors must consider all these factors while treating patients. He believed the body has an innate ability to heal itself, and we need to listen to and respect this healing process.

To achieve optimal health and well-being, Dr. Strauss promoted active patient participation. He believed every individual should take responsibility for their health and change their lifelong habits to improve their well-being. His treatment approach was based on the idea of restoring balance to the body through natural and non-invasive techniques.

Dr. Strauss’ chiropractic philosophy also acknowledges the importance of the nervous system and the role it plays in maintaining and regulating the body’s functions. He believed chiropractors can promote a healthy nervous system, which can benefit the whole body.

Dr. Strauss also emphasized the importance of open communication between the chiropractor and the patient. According to Dr. Strauss, this relationship is built on trust and empathy, and is crucial for the patient’s well-being.

The Impetus for Dr. Williams to Pursue a Chiropractic Care

Some years ago, Dr. Williams served in the Navy in San Diego. While on a deployment to Singapore, he hurt himself badly while water skiing. When he returned to San Diego, he saw a chiropractor for care and experienced the benefits.

Dr. Williams started asking the chiropractor multiple questions, and he finally handed him Chiropractic Philosophy by Dr. Strauss. “I took it home and read the whole thing that night. The book resonated with me so much that I realized this is what I have to do,” added Dr. Williams, who has appreciated the book for several decades now.

Turning the Power On

Dr. Williams loves the simplicity of the chiropractic philosophy: how important it is for the body to function properly and how everything has to work together. Through chiropractic care, Dr. Williams is able to free up the body’s potential to express itself more fully. “And as Dr. B.J. Palmer said, ‘The power that made the body heals the body,’” added Dr. Williams.

For him, it’s highly rewarding to help patients each day and see their eyes get brighter after an adjustment. “You can tell it makes a difference in their lives and I love that. That’s why I do what I do,” he said.

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