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Have a Healthy, Happy Pregnancy With Chiropractic

prenatal massageAs one of the most remarkable times of a woman’s life, pregnancy brings its own set of joys and challenges. Discomfort is one of those challenges—lower back pain in particular. At Alexander Chiropractic and Wellness, many moms seek our relief and support during this special time.

Relief for Back Pain

Back pain during pregnancy is not just a common struggle; it can escalate to the point of sciatica, making the journey even more challenging. Our bodies are designed to move, and pain is inevitable when misalignment and stiffness occur. That’s where chiropractic care offers a three-step approach: improving mobility, enhancing alignment, and boosting stability.

Dealing With the Relaxin Effect

As pregnancy progresses, a hormone called relaxin loosens ligaments and tendons to facilitate the necessary pelvic changes. However, this hormone can leave everything feeling a bit unsettled. We believe in managing symptoms realistically, acknowledging that the realignment journey will continue post-baby. It’s about making moms feel as good as possible during this dynamic period.

Realistic Expectations, Real Results

Honesty is key in our practice. We set clear expectations for our pregnant patients— we’re here to help you feel better now, but the realignment journey continues post-pregnancy. Patients appreciate this transparency. While our doctors may not provide a permanent fix during pregnancy, they offer relief and support, emphasizing that the postpartum phase is when we can work on stability and long-term alignment.

Labor of Love: Chiropractic Benefits for Birth

Did you know that, according to some statistics, moms under chiropractic care during pregnancy often experience shorter labor and delivery times with fewer complications? It makes sense—proper alignment and optimal functioning lead to better outcomes.

Your Safety Comes First

Many moms-to-be ask if it is safe to get adjusted during pregnancy. The answer is absolutely! Entire chiropractic offices specialize in maternity and perinatal care. The other common question is how can adjustments happen with a growing belly? Rest assured that we have techniques that don’t require lying on your stomach, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience for you and your baby.

Spreading the Word About Chiropractic

Women under chiropractic care during pregnancy become the best advocates. They rave about how it keeps them going and share their positive experiences with everyone. It’s a community of support and well-being that extends beyond the chiropractic office.

Enjoy the Happy, Healthy Pregnancy You Deserve

If you’re a mom-to-be or know someone who is expecting, call our practice. We are here to help provide relief, support, and a smoother journey to motherhood.

Schedule an appointment today at our Pleasanton, Livermore, San Ramon, or Brentwood location.

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